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Where do we get beeswax from?

Did you know that when we work and create products for you with love, we do not only use beeswax from our apiary? We admire and are in constant contact with the beekeepers of our region, who spare no effort and work to look after the bees and carefully collect honey and beeswax. When we receive a yellow, meadow-scented block of wax straight from the hands of the beekeeper, there is no doubt about the quality of the wax! You can check the quality of the wax simply by using your nose – you won’t mix the smell of quality wax with anything else! 🙂

Allow us to present our three main beeswax suppliers!

Beeswax collected with care and dedication brings benefits not only to beekeeping, but also to the whole nature. This warm personal touch, enriched by memories and experiences, ensures that the beeswax collected by the beekeepers is of the highest quality. Their personal stories only add more meaning to our nation’s deep beekeeping traditions.

Beekeeper Donatas (my dad)

Donatas is a third generation beekeeper who learned about beekeeping from his mother (my grandmother) and, while she learned about it from her mother (my great grandmother). Donatas has been beekeeping for over 30 years. He currently maintains and spins honey from 12 bee colonies.

“Beekeeping is my summer hobby. When my mother and I light the smoker and go to the beehives. We move the honeycombs, if there is too little or too much space in the hive, we observe the work of the queen. The pleasure overflows when I see that the bees are working perfectly, there is no shortage of space in the hive. Also, I like the preparation work in autumn to prepare the bees for wintering and preventive treatment against diseases.”

Donatas shares his memories and experiences

Beekeeper Alfonsas (my uncle)

Alfonsas is a first-generation beekeeper and has been beekeeping for more than 30 years. However, the number of hives was always changing, as with many beekeepers.

“Since childhood, when I was a small child, I have not shied away from bees. Bees were sacred to me. I enjoyed watching them so much that if I stayed with them for too long, I would get pinched! 😊 I used to run home shouting when that happened. In my youth, I used to help my uncle with beekeeping before I had any bees myself. I started beekeeping with one hive, and at one point the apiary expanded to 30 hives.”

Alfonsas shares his memories

Beekeeper Arūnas

Arūnas is a third-generation beekeeper and takes care of about 250 beehives.

“Since childhood, the life of nature has been interesting to me. Since my grandparents were beekeepers, I went to the bees no later than when I was 7 years old. In the beginning, I liked to see what was happening in the hive, to blow a smoke while standing next to it. I was fascinated by the life of bees, because it is a community, a family. The worker bee’s love and sacrifice for her mother is endless. There are many connections and similarities between the bee and man. In the winters, I read a lot of books about bees, and to this day it is a never-ending job. Yes, there are routines like spinning honey or melting wax, but every year is different. Nature, plants and ever-changing agricultural policies are changing.”

Arūnas shares his memories and experiences