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Noble causes

Noble causes play a big part at planBee. Our mission is to raise awareness about helping the planet. We want to contribute and give back locally and globally, so we now collaborate with the non-profit organization ‘The Ocean Cleanup‘ to donate part of our sales to clean up the oceans from plastic.

Photo credit – The Ocean Cleanup

We donate a part of our sales to noble causes

Our brand’s mission is to combat plastic pollution and help save bees. We want to eliminate the need for single-use plastic that is polluting our Earth, seas, and oceans. We also want to generate positive change for humans and animals, and that is why we commit to giving back part of our sales to organizations and people doing hard work cleaning up the oceans.

A couple of our noble causes here at planBee are cleaning up the ocean and raising awareness about helping the planet.
Photo credit – The Ocean Cleanup

Why The Ocean Cleanup?

Every year, 380 million tonnes of plastic are produced. Around 10 million tonnes enter the oceans. The problem is that plastic does not break down itself and it is one of the biggest environmental problems today it impacts not only sea life but also human life. ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic and closing its sources before it enters the oceans. The Ocean Cleanup‘s team consists of 120 engineers, researchers, scientists, computational modelers, and supporting roles. Their aim is to have removed 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040.

The best part about our noble causes

You know when you had a good meal and you leave tips? When you buy, we do the same. By buying our handmade products you are helping to care for our planet. Part of 2022 sales was already donated to ‘The Ocean Cleanup‘ and we are very proud to have our special Independent Supporter Badge with our specific identification code. So we want to say a huge THANK YOU to every planBee customer who supports us. Together we are creating positive changes!

Photo credit – The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup